NEOP – Center of Organizations and People Studies

About Us

The NEOP is a group connected to the Business Administration School of São Paulo at the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV/EAESP).

The NEOP’s mission is to create and disseminate applied knowledge to relevant matters in management practices, organizations and human resources management.

NEOP has the purpose of promoting a dialogue between academia, organizations and society.

Our assumptions

The growing complexity of organizations create challenges that require permanent efforts of development and the application of new management models and practices.

Institutional, economic, social and Brazilian cultural characteristics demand the generation of specific knowledge, applied to our reality.

Brazilian organizations and, particularly the management of organizations and human resources, seem to be at a point of inflexion, characterized by a depletion of the models in effect of organizations and management, and the pursuit of higher levels of productivity and competitiveness.

Our challenges

Local organizations must improve their management practices, making them capable of competing in a competitive and unstable market.

The internationalization process of Brazilian companies requires that a new “mental model” is built for operating and developing specific competencies.

The issue of lack of qualified staff must be resolved; so as to make expansion plans in companies feasible.

Companies need to develop their leadership in business, operations and interpersonal competencies, therefore addressing the gaps that restrict their performance.

Human Resources management needs to align multiple matters related to attracting and retaining young talent to the career acceleration and changes in the population’s demographic profile.

The Brazilian model for labor relations must evolve towards more flexible and coherent configurations in line with the new times.

Our scope of operations

Research applied to practical and challenging matters related to management practices and human resources management.

Research projects carried out through partnerships with professional associations.

Events and seminars focused on topics of interest to executives and academia.

Scientific articles and knowledge dissemination published in high impact or high circulation periodicals.

Our Team

The NEOP team is made up of FGV/EAESP professors, invited professors, company executives, consultants, coaches, specialists and graduate students.

General Coordination: Prof. Maria José Tonelli (

Executive coordination: Prof. Germano Glufke Reis (