Center for Applied Information Technology (GVcia)

Coordinator: Prof. Alberto Luiz Albertin

The Center for Applied Information Technology (GVcia) from the Business Administration School of São Paulo (EAESP) at the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV) is a Study Center with the main mission of encouraging and coordinating the main research efforts about the areas related to Information Technology Management, its scenarios and trends, in addition to contributing to other academic and administrative areas.

The Research of IT Use, coordinated by the founder of GVcia, Prof. Fernando S. Meirelles has been carried out since 1990. The Excellence in Business in the Digital Age (NED) Program at FGV/EAESP, is currently one of the areas at GVcia, with the objective of coordinating the many efforts related to Business in the Digital Age, promoting the synergy between the many initiatives in the academic and corporate areas. The Project: Banking Technology in Brazil launched a book in 2010 about the achievements and the Future Vision for the industry.

The areas of interest, projects and products are: (a) research, publications, theses, dissertations and case studies; (b) special projects; (c) congresses, seminars and forum and (d) support to FGV/EAESP activities in the areas of education, research and consulting.

GVcia, with the support, knowledge and content generated by its projects and research, contributes to the FGV/EAESP courses and to the creation of leaders; these researches and studies effectively generate knowledge, disseminated by publications in periodicals, books, theses, dissertations, case studies, coordination and participation in congresses, seminars and forums; the partnerships with companies and development agencies, as well as the participation of professors and students in entities and institutions built and maintain a relationship enabling GVcia to contribute with them to society, bring experiences and generate synergy.

Main Researches and Studies:

IT Use Annual Research
FGV-EAESP Research of E-Commerce in the Brazilian Market
Project: Banking Technology in Brazil
Using Excel in practice
Research about the impact of IT spending in the industry
- Research about the Dimensions of IT Use and Corporate Performance
- Study about Information Technology Governance.
- Study about Information Technology Outsourcing
- Study about Information Technology and Education
- Study about Information Technology Project Management
- Study about Information Technology and Retail Communication

Professors, researchers and students:

For further information, please contact us at (+5511) 3799-7758 or send us an email.