Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply?

Please fax or mail your curriculum vitae, application form (if not sent electronically) and the recommendation letters to

CRI - International Relations Office
Av. 9 de Julho, 2029 - 3rd floor
01313-902 São Paulo, SP - Brazil
Phone: + 55-11-3799-7762
Fax: + 55-11-3285-4705

If you prefer to apply electronically, please go to the Application section of this page. You can e-mail the cv and mail the recommendation letters.

How are the applications processed?

Priority will be given to upper-division undergraduate and graduate students, as well as executives.

How many students will be attending this program?

FGV accepts up to 40 students every year in this program. The minimum is 10 participants.

What is the course load?

The course consists of 39 hours of in class discussion, from Monday to Friday, usually from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 2:00 to 5:00 pm, plus three company visits (2 hours each), most probably taking place in the afternoon.

What is the language of instruction?

Classes, examinations and company visits are in English. It is possible that the field trips will be in Portuguese, but simultaneous translation will be provided accordingly.

Which institutions will we visit?

We will visit a financial corporation, a multinational company and a Brazilian company.

How many credits will be awarded?

It depends on your institution of origin. FGV recommends that the student be awarded 3 elective credits. Your final average (1-10) and your attendance will appear on the transcript. Approval is subject to a minimum of 75% of class attendance

Will I receive a transcript at the end of the program?

Yes, FGV will send a copy of the transcript to your permanent address or to your school.

What is the cost of the program?

There is a registration fee for all candidates. The program fee is US $ 1000. This includes tuition, course materials and field trip. The program fee will be waived for students coming from FGV partner institutions.
What is the payment procedure?

Fees: wire transfer to FGV/EAESP?s banking account.

Accommodation: Please negotiate payment directly with your host or hotel.

Should I have a student visa?

If you are only coming to participate in the DBB program you don't need a student visa. You will only attend a series of conferences and will not be registered as a regular student at the School. Please obtain a tourist visa at the closest Brazilian consulate. However, if you are coming to attend other classes after the DBB program or participating in the regular exchange program, a student visa will be required. Students with student visa must register with the immigration office ("Polícia Federal") in São Paulo within 30 days of arrival.

Should I have a health insurance?

FGV will require health insurance covering the duration of the program, including repatriation benefits. You may obtain insurance through an agency of your own. You should complete the form provided by FGV/EAESP with your policy number, International Student ID Card number and an emergency number in your home country. The International Student ID is always helpful as it carries a certain amount of insurance with it. It can be purchased for approximately $15 at many travel agencies, especially those that focus on student travel.

Will FGV offer Portuguese classes?

Portuguese classes are not part of Doing Business in Brazil content. There is a multitude of language schools in São Paulo that offer intensive Portuguese courses tailored to an individual´s schedule. If you are interested in contacting one of these schools, you can either search the web or talk to our Office for contact information.

When should I arrive in São Paulo?

Although we recommend students be in São Paulo on the weekend prior to the beginning of classes to get acclimated to the city, no prior activity will be scheduled before Monday, May 21st, at 8:30 am for a welcome breakfast and orientation. Classes start on the same day.

Will FGV provide the airport transfer service?

FGV will not provide airport transfer service. If you are planning to stay with a Brazilian student or a local family, they might offer to pick you up at the airport. If no offer comes or if you are staying somewhere else, then we have two suggestions:
1) Take a taxi. This may cost US $ 15-20 depending on where you are staying. The international airport is approximately 60 km outside the city. Remember you will have to exchange money at the airport in order to pay the taxi driver, as most of them do not accept foreign currency.
2) Take the airport shuttle. The ticket costs approximately US$ 6 and can be purchased at the "Airport Service" desk. The buses leave the airport towards downtown every 35 minutes and stop at many hotels near the school. There you can take a taxi and it would cost approximately US $ 5 to get to any of the accommodations that we suggest, either family/student houses or the contracted apartments